OM love was born on our journey of self-discovery and healing, through our love of yoga and desire to spread wellness and a healthier, more conscious lifestyle.

Together on the yoga journey

Who are we?

We are Mariana and Marcelo, a couple of yoga teachers and digital nomads who aim to spread a holistic, sustainable, healthy and spiritual way of life through inspiring content, classes and workshops. 

After experiencing profound changes in our lives and health through yoga, natural medicines and holistic healing, we believe a disciplined practice can be an exceptional tool to realising the true self and live a fulfilling life.

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The transformative power of daily practice

Why Yoga?

Yoga practice is an effective way to awaken love, compassion and the inner happiness that resides within each of us, bringing awareness inwards, connecting with ourselves and our environment whilst embarking on the pursuit of our dharma (life purpose).

How can we help you?

The inspirations we share here and in our classes are designed to support you in developing your yoga practice on and off the mat.  We encourage you to adopt yoga philosophy into your daily life and use the discipline learned through practice to purify the self and achieve more balance, love, joy and peace of mind.

We aim to simplify learning the art of yoga and meditation, giving our love and support to everyone, helping you to live a more inspired, compassionate and enlightened life aligned with your life purpose.

Inspiring classes to assist you on your yoga journey.

Dynamic workshops to help you go deeper into your practice on and off the mat.

Creative content and marketing strategies for yoga brands.

Restore your inner balance, increase your energy and find peace of mind

What we offer?

We offer a variety of yoga classes and workshops – from power vinyasa flows that will help you maintain a healthy body, restorative sessions which allow you to deeply relax, calm the mind and increase your flexibility, to partner yoga, where you can connect with others and have fun.

Whether you are looking to deepen your yoga practice, get inspired by amazing stories, or pick up useful tips on how to live a healthier and more conscious lifestyle, we are here to support you on this journey.

Restore your inner balance, increase your energy and find peace of mind in your everyday life through yoga and mindful living!

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