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JAN 16TH 2021


Om love one-day online retreat is the perfect opportunity to take a day for yourself, go deeper into your yoga practices from the comfort of your home, and connect with other yogis all over the world. 

We will guide you through a series of practices to help you feel like you are in a yoga retreat. All classes will be done live by ZOOM and will be recorded and sent to you afterwards so if you miss a class you will be able to catch up once you are ready and you can enjoy the full retreat experience again and again. 

Plus you will get a mini e-manual on how to prepare for the retreat, with guidance on how to set up space for practice and ideas for healthy meals to help you make the most out of your retreat day.

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Retreat Schedule

JAN 16TH 2021

Please note all times are set to GMT+1 (Central Europe)

7h to 7h30 | Quick-intro + Kriyas

with Marcelo

In this session you will learn and practice Kapalabathi and Nauli Kriya, two amazing exercises to purify and cleanse the body. 

**Kriyas are a set of purification practices, mainly breath control techniques and exercises, that are practised to achieve a specific outcome such as unlocking energy channels or chakras in the body and working on specific body parts.

8h to 10h | Vinyasa Flow + Pranayama

with Mariana 

8h – 9h30 -> Vinyasa Flow | To start the day enhancing your energy levels we will have an energetic vinyasa flow taught in a multi-level way. We start with a soft warm-up to wake up and tune in with the body and breath and we move together through a lively flow designed to create heat and strength in the body and we finish with gentle stretches to get ready for the following pranayama practice. 

9h30 -10h -> Pranayama + Meditation | The breath is a bridge to the deeper levels of yoga and meditation. In this practice, we observe and manipulate our breath through breathing practices (pranayama) as a way to find a meditative state of mind and experience a sense of calm. 

**This is a unique session but if you miss the time or wanna only take the pranayama session you can join us at 9h30

[BREAKFAST | 10h-12h]

12h to 13h | Sharing Circle

with Mariana & Marcelo

In this session we create a sacred space for you to identify feelings, express yourself fully and have the opportunity to connect with other yogis.

**Please note this session won’t be recorded to preserve a inclusive sacred space.

13h to 13:30h | Kirtan (mantra chanting)

with Marcelo & Mariana

Kirtan is a form of bhakti, the yoga of devotion and mantra, the yoga of sound. This sacred traditional practise of chanting mantras is a great way to access inner peace, calm, connection, and non-thinking. For those who find meditation difficult, kirtan offers the possibility for the same stillness of mind, without the struggle or striving to concentrate. In this beautiful session, we invite you to open your heart and connect with the power of mantras, played by Marcelo.

[LIGHT LUNCH | 14h-15h]

16h to 18h | Restorative Yoga
+ Chakra Meditation

with Marcelo

16h – 17h30 – Restorative Yoga | Restorative Yoga is a slow-paced healing practice designed to deeply relax the nervous system and body through the use of conscious breath and rest. This approach to yoga is accessible to all practitioners and helps us to achieve a calm state of mind and general well being. In restorative yoga sessions, it is common to use props to make the postures more comfortable for long holds, however, to make the class suitable for home practice we will use only accessories that can be found in any house such as a bed pillow 🙂

17h30 – 18h – Chakra Meditation | In this soft and beautiful practice, you will connect deeper with each of your 7 main chakras situated along your spine, from the sacrum to the top of your head. Chakra meditation is a very personal practice, but overall it helps to improve the balance of your chakras and achieve a state of contentment and calm.


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– Kriyas – Vinyasa Flow – Pranayama – Sharing Circle – Restorative Yoga – Meditation – Kirtan – Mantra Chanting


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– Kriyas – Vinyasa Flow – Pranayama – Sharing Circle – Restorative Yoga – Meditation – Kirtan – Mantra Chanting


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