Om love Virtual Yoga Studio gives you the opportunity to practice Yoga when and where you wish to.
Enjoy live, interactive yoga classes in the comfort of your home.

Book a Private Yoga Class Online via Zoom

Book a private online class with us!
We teach several styles of yoga in English and Portuguese via Zoom!⁠

A private class gives you the opportunity to practice Yoga when and where you wish to while also going deeper on what you want to work on. Perhaps you prefer a more restorative session or high-intensity power flow, no matter what your aim is we can prepare a personalised class especially for you! ⁠

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Youtube Channel

Pre-recorded practices and short how-to tutorials by Mariana & Marcelo, don’t forget to Subscribe!

Live Classes

21/06/20 – India Time 4:45pm (GMT+5:30) / Berlin Time 1:15pm (GMT+1)/ Brazil Time 8:15am GMT-3)
Ashtanga Vinyasa Inspired Flow for International Yoga Day x Yooj Festival India

Stay tuned for our schedule update!

Restore your inner balance, increase your energy and find peace of mind

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 Spreading the energy of love through the universal sound of OM.
We are OM love!

Om love is a yoga platform and virtual studio created by Mariana Lourenço and Marcelo Paiva, yoga teachers and digital nomads from Brazil. Through inspiring classes, workshops and creative content they aim to spread the yoga lifestyle as a way to achieve health, wholeness and live a fulfilling life.

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